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 Strategies for Leadership and Life



Thousands have participated in these seminars ranging from corporate chieftains and professionals to college and high school students.  They have been given on numerous occasions to companies, professional organizations, and business groups.  Please contact us for more details. 



A Guide to a More Accomplished, Happier, and Satisfied Life

ASPECTS OF SUCCESS combines the latest findings of science with truths promulgated by philosophy and espoused by religion.  It details the four core aspects of self that must be well developed and balanced to ensure both personal accomplishment and life satisfaction.  The goal of this seminar is to help people live more fulfilled and happier lives where they can more readily flourish.  It consistently earns rave reviews for its ability to show individuals how common thinking habits can get in the way while providing healthier, effective, and proven alternatives.  This four hour event can be expanded or contracted to fit a wide range of purposes and formats. 



Motivational Speeches

KEYNOTE is a series of motivation and inspiration speeches used in a wide range of settings.  Funny and encouraging these talks have kicked-off and wrapped up corporate retreats, commencements, and graduation ceremonies—garnering enthusiastic reviews.  Each is customized in content and length for the audience at hand to ensure value is maximized.



Chart a Life Course to Get Where You Want to Be

THE ART OF HAPPINESS is an informative and motivational review of the latest scientific research on well-being.  The seminar provides a range of innovative and non-intuitive approaches to boosting happiness and joy in life.  It also challenges participants to live in ways they will find more satisfying and rewarding.  This event can be expanded or contracted to fit a wide range of purposes and formats.  It leverages the author’s life coaching experience and positive psychology PhD to help people better live better and more satisfied lives.


GIVE LIFE ITS DUE           

Chart a Life Course to Get Where You Want to Be

GIVE LIFE ITS DUE is a provocative exploration of the many life paths open to each of us.  It challenges participants to clarify their purpose and direction in life.  Too many CEOs will not spend even small amounts of money on their businesses without out a formal analysis, but they will spend their whole lives working their business without a clear understanding of what they are trying to accomplish.  The seminar can be expanded into a multi-day retreat where comprehensive life plans are created.  Participants leave with the tools to create effective plans that allow them to live life on purpose and better accomplish their dreams. 



Awaken Your Perspective to Achieve Happiness and Success

THINK is an inspirational journey of philosophical, psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual principles used by the most successful and progressive minds of all time.  This is a one to three hour seminar.



Seven Steps to Maximize Your Life

CHANGE explores how to identify and make needed change at work and at home.  It is an educational and motivational review of the psychological underpinnings and processes that occur during transition and identifies the seven essential steps required to successfully navigate change.  The one to two hour seminar provides tools and techniques for getting unstuck, making optimal decisions, and accelerating goal attainment. 


GO TEAM      

Revising Strategic Vision & Building Effective Teams

GO TEAM is an introspective journey to explore who you are, as individuals and a team, and where you are going as a company. 



CEO & Executive Team Retreats

FORUM is an introspective journey to explore who you are, where you are going and what gets in the way.  Small groups of CEO’s explore both personal and professional opportunities to live more full lives on purpose without regret.  These highly customized one to two day retreats have helped hundreds of Presidents and CEO’s to maximize their lives.



Shifting from Competing to Creating New Value

BLUE OCEAN is a strategic planning approach to creating uncontested market space and making the competition irrelevant.  During this one-half to two day seminar, companies explore creative new ways to redefine their market and boundaries to reach beyond existing market demand and create more customer value. 



Positive Positioning in the New Economy — Thriving in Challenging Times

BACK TO THE FUTURE is a strategic planning guide to successfully taking initiatives during hard times and using this period when competitors are retrenching to create a sustainable, competitive advantage.  The seminar is four hours long.



Tools for Effective Communication

SPEAK is an communication seminar that reviews ten key elements for effective public speaking— be it for crowds, teams or one-on-one.  This is a one to two hour seminar.



Effective Writing for Executive Communication

WRITE is a hands-on practicum on how to create executive-level communication that accurately and succinctly conveys information to maximize its impact.  This one hour seminar has been given to hundreds of MBA students.



Practical Fun with Electricity

ELECTRIFY is an educational discovery event that explores the science of static electricity from a 350,000 volt Van de Graaff generator.  This 30-60 minute seminar is loaded with fun, excitement and surprises.  SCIENCE has gotten rave reviews from thousands of elementary and middle school children.



We provide leaders with expertise, guidance, and support  to accomplish their goals and maximize their lives.


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